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CPU Fan Header Issue - Rampage IV Extreme

Hi there everyone. Second issue with the Rampage IV Extreme.I've got a Swiftech H20-320 Edge HD Watercooling kit set up in my system with an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, Intel Core i7 3930k and 16GB of G.Skill Ripjawz Z Memory.Just to clear this up, the ...

Maximus V Gene - USB Power When Shut Down?

I would like to know if any of the USB ports can be powered when the PC is shut down (to charge wireless mouse etc). I didn't see it anywhere in the BIOS? I tested all of the USB ports and none of them seemed to be powered when the system is off. I k...

Resetting bios.

whenever I turn off the UPS is reset the bios.it is already getting boring, I always have to set everything up again.I tried removing the battery to put again.anyone have any idea?, thanks.

BT GO Software

Hi all,For some reason the BT Go ! software will not install from either the provided CD or the direct download from the ASUS support site (Both are the same version). The odd thing is when I run the install disk, the BT GO! software does not even s...

BF3 and 4-Way SLI

Occasionally i'll be playing for over 30mins on a 64man server maxed out with 119fps - 150fps+ on average. Then all of a sudden i see my FPS just plumment to the 80 and even 40FPS range, now this is not right at all. I have no clue what could be caus...

USB crash

I have a garmin training watch and everytime I plug the watch onto its holder my PC blue screens and shuts down. Any ideas? Thanks

PC not powering on (Possibly liquid-cooling related)

So, today my PC randomly switched itself off. I opened it up to see that one of my CPU water block fittings is loose, however it doesn't look like it could have leaked. I've had liquid cooling for a good 4-5 months problem free. My motherboard is the...

Xeuyi by Level 7
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Overclocking (both CPU and RAM) advice requested.

I am completely new to overlcocking. I have never run anything other than default bios. However, I have recently built a new computer with the configuration listed below. I would like to achieve two things and I am hoping that there are known setting...

Lokitez by Level 7
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