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CPU Fan Error since upgrading BIOS to 1101

So, I upgraded my BIOS in an attempt to fix the mouse/keyboard freezing issues that I have been having with my Maximus V Gene (BTW, this did not fix the issue). I upgraded from 0903 to 1101. Ever since that upgrade, I now get a "CPU Fan Error! Pres...

Explosive Thoughts!!!!!

I just got ahold of a CHVF/T yesterday...Details on that coming later when the NDA lifts, but to my surprise this is a very DURABLE Board. it's been through 2 PSU Explosions, and a couple other STUPID mishaps and it's still running PERFECTLY! I'm rea...

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RIVF CPU error

Hi All,I have this exact error also.My gear is below:Asus RAMPAGE IV FORMULA MB, Socket 2011, X79Intel CORE i7 3820/3.60GHz/10MB CACHE/LGA2011/4CORESCorsair Cooling Hydro Series H100 High-performance CPU CoolerSapphire ATI HD7970 3GBSamsung 128GB SSD...

Haeiz by Level 7
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Rampage IV GENE slight instability

Dear Republicans Here's my setup!Rampage IV GENE (1404) with Intel Core i7-3820AX850 850W gold PSU4x4GB Corsair Dominator GT 2133 CL9the bios settings are: 120% power and optimized for all voltage regulator settingsI am able to run my system at 43x10...

First Boot on new build, everything powers on but no video?

Hi Everyone. I recently built my first system using:ASUS Crosshair V Formula MoboAMD FX-8120 ProcessorCorsair H80WD 1Tb caviar blueASUS HD7750Antex High Current 520w PSUG-Skill Ripjaws 4gb X 2 RAMOcz Agility 3 SSD 120bASUS DVD DriveI put it all toget...

pdm117 by Level 7
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Asus Rampage 4 Extreme - Should I RMA?

Hi Guys,I jumped to the X79 platform in January. My goal was to build an awesome gaming and video editing machine. Unfortunately, the computer I have built has seen nothing but issues since day one. The most recent issue appears to be with my RAM / M...

PCI slot for a single GPU

I need to preface this by say that I am relatively new to PC building and whatnot. I have the Maximus IV Extreme Z motherboard. I know that slot one and two are both x16. The book for the motherboard suggests using slot one with a single video card. ...

Janko by Level 7
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R4G Speedstep while Overclocking

Hello All!I can't seem to enable Speedstep on my 3820. Bios says it's enabled but I am locked at whatever I overclock (currently 124.5 x 37). Is there something I am missing? Coming from P45, this platform is quite exciting, but there are a few thing...