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HELP - Code 00, Wont POST, BOOT, Nothing....

Turned my PC on this morning, and I am getting POST code 00Removed everything, swapped the gfx card out, left 1 stick of ram (also swapped with another to test) No beep. Use ROG flashback. Nothing worksAnyone got any ideas?Just noticed CPU_LED is red...

help with faster boot up, RIVF

i was expecting a faster boot up then my last pc with 1 ssd. my new pc has 2 ssds in raid 0 and boot up is almost twice as long. When i turn on my pc the asus boot up image pops up and disappears, does that a few times then it shows my 2 drives in ra...

McMada by Level 7
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Problem with fans and RAM speed/voltage

Hi matesMy case (Haf X nVidia Edition) has 5 fans and they were connected in the power supply. But it's too many cables so I think is easier connect those fans into the motherboard.But there are a lot of 4pin socket and I don't know if is there any d...

kekotr by Level 7
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Crosshair V raid set ups

I'm getting ready to put some new hard drives in my rig & I wanted to go with RAID 0 for the extra speed. I have a few system builds under my belt, but I have not yet done a RAID set up, so it is new to me.My idea was - 2x Samsung 830 Series SSD (64 ...

Maximus v Formula Code A0

My computer is running fine but i have a error code A0 i search the manual and it says IDE initialization started. i googled the code and i didn't get any info explain why is the Q-code always on A0.

Ayman by Level 10
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Asmedia vs Intel for HDD on P8Z77 v PRO

I am building a gaming rig and have a P8Z77 V PRO with a WD5003ABYX for storage [no SSD]. In which controller should I plug it in for best reliability and speed? I am using this primarily for gaming, and any inputs are welcome! Thanks

JsDart by Level 7
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Asus Rampage IV Extreme - CPU QLED error

Hello,I'm having a bit of problem here - after overclocking the CPU to 4.8~~ GHz and 1.5 Vcore while the board is rebooting the CPU error on QLEDs is detected but the computer runs fine and it seems to be stable at this point (it goes through 3dMark1...

3lite by Level 7
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Maximus 5 Extreme unstable at stock and XMP setting

Here's what I noticed from my recent ordeal with installing the M5E. I dropped it into an existing system, simply swapping out another mobo. However, as soon as I booted it, I had problems to no end - constant failure to boot (black screen with vario...

Anzial by Level 7
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