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Running Strix B350-F Gaming on Ubuntu

Hi guys,I intend to get the motherboard B350-F and run it on Ubuntu 16. But from the recommended OS Asus recommended, it didn't specify Ubuntu is supported.https://dlcdnimgs.asus.com/websites/global/aboutASUS/OS/Linux-Status-report_20170619.pdfAnyone...

Asus Crosshair V Formula CPU Fan error

Hi, I had a problem with my cpu cooler & stupidly disconnected then tried to reconnect to CPU fan header while the computer was running and it made a bang and stopped working. Now the CPU fan header & Opt CPU header are dead as far as I can tell, but...

What rams for Asus Z370-PRO Gaming?

Hello. I bought Asus Z370-PRO Gaming and 8700K. Cpu will be on stock,no oc.I dont want like oc.*https://www.asus.com/pl/Motherboards/TUF-Z370-PRO-GAMING/*Recommend me rams compatible with this board. I want to be sure that all will be stable. I dont ...

Z270 and ThunderboltEX 2 card?

Hi - I saw that ASUS is coming out with a Thunderbolt 3 card for the Z270 motherboards.... I was just wondering if the ThunderboltEX 2 card would work with them as well... The compatibility list for the ThunderboltEX 2 card has not been updated in a ...

Maximus IV Extreme: Windows 10 drivers?

Hello,While attempting to upgrade to W10 none of the USB ports were functional. The drivers for the host controller for each (Renesas and Intel) could/would not load because W10 said they would cause issues and W10 gave me an error code 48. "Error Co...

bigfree by Level 7
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X370-F FIXED CPU Frequency

Hello, I've updated my motherboard to 3401 I had 3203 (not downloadable anymore)and I have my CPU stuck at full Frequency and it's getting hot in idle, I've tried to downgrade to 1001 since 3203 is not downloadable anymore and I can't it says that th...

Asus Strix x370-f issue twice boot (Solved)

Hi everyone,Sorry for my bad english first.My problem is that i have a problem with a double boot when i set the RAM over 2133mhz. It turn on 1seg than off and than it boots fine this only happend when i switch off the psu. When i dont switch the Ps...

Xps425 by Level 7
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[Solved] Z97-A DRAM led solid red with no POST after RMA

Hello, I've recently RMA'd my motherboard because of overheating issues how ever the board I got back it won't even POST. It just gives a red led above the RAM. Now of course the first thing I did was check the manual and it says the led means the RA...

lunoo by Level 7
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