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p8z77-v premium cpu fan error (bios 1401)

to be honnest im not an bios/oc expert but today i updated my bios from 0408 to 1401and directly when i rebooted my pc i got this cpu fan speed error atm its running 419 rpm with a good temperature of 29c-84f (unstressed in windows)in the bios i had ...

Maximus V Gene fan headers clarification

From what I can gather, the four chassis fan headers support both 3-pin and 4-pin fans with RPM control.Do the CPU fan headers work the same way? or is RPM control only supported with 4-pin fans? If you plug in a 3-pin fan into the CPU fan header, wi...

Rampage IV cross fire no longer working

Hello:I am having a problem getting crossfire to work on my computer. It was working fine, then after running abenchmark (I just converted to water cooling) I recieved a message that said "video display rebooting" after that I could no longer enable ...

HELP - Code 00, Wont POST, BOOT, Nothing....

Turned my PC on this morning, and I am getting POST code 00Removed everything, swapped the gfx card out, left 1 stick of ram (also swapped with another to test) No beep. Use ROG flashback. Nothing worksAnyone got any ideas?Just noticed CPU_LED is red...

help with faster boot up, RIVF

i was expecting a faster boot up then my last pc with 1 ssd. my new pc has 2 ssds in raid 0 and boot up is almost twice as long. When i turn on my pc the asus boot up image pops up and disappears, does that a few times then it shows my 2 drives in ra...

McMada by Level 7
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Problem with fans and RAM speed/voltage

Hi matesMy case (Haf X nVidia Edition) has 5 fans and they were connected in the power supply. But it's too many cables so I think is easier connect those fans into the motherboard.But there are a lot of 4pin socket and I don't know if is there any d...

kekotr by Level 7
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Crosshair V raid set ups

I'm getting ready to put some new hard drives in my rig & I wanted to go with RAID 0 for the extra speed. I have a few system builds under my belt, but I have not yet done a RAID set up, so it is new to me.My idea was - 2x Samsung 830 Series SSD (64 ...

Maximus v Formula Code A0

My computer is running fine but i have a error code A0 i search the manual and it says IDE initialization started. i googled the code and i didn't get any info explain why is the Q-code always on A0.

Ayman by Level 10
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