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Maximus IV Extreme - Z Bios 3501

Any body try this out yet? I'm on the previous version (3304) and am just curious if this newer driver is going to be a little better than past 3 series versions for us sandy bridge users.

bern43 by Level 7
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Well guess who is having fun again :/

Right so been all good to be fair, been playing sleeping dogs (which is kick ass)But anyway i've now noticed in detailed system info that i only have 2 coresyet in cpu-z i have 4 the bios, says 4 in task and device manager and even all the gadgets s...

Mattclh by Level 7
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OCz Agility 3

Morning ROG CommunityI got myself a SSD yesterday (OCz Agility 3 120GB).Did a fresh installation of Windows 7 64bit Ultimate. Installed all drivers and programs everything worked flawless until I got a bad shutdown. When I switch my rig back on the w...

Rampage 4 extreme x79 ram problem after bios update

hi everyone ;i got rampage 4 extreme , 3930K cpu , 4*4 g.skill ripjaws, 5830 ati, 700 watt 80+ my bios was 1404 and i upgrade it 2003 with no issue. then 2105 came and i update 2105 to my bios after this update win7 seen ram 12 gb of 16gb.1 slot like...

How to enable the RAID functions?

Ok well I have recently purchased a few HDD that i was going to run in a RAID 1 setup and because i did not install the RAID drivers at Windows 7 Install I am now left with a real predicamentWhen i change the BIOS mode of the drives from ACHI to RAID...

Maximus V Gene voltage problem

Hello,i`ve a question to the Maximus V Gene users, I have a problem with the voltage, the board is not OC, and I have the last BIOS version 1204 since the beginn i ve got problems with the voltage the alarm log from Probe 2 I`ve changed the power su...

Ruppa by Level 7
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Rampage iii gene - no boot - any help please ?

Hi,I have a Rampage iii gene that has been working fine for just over a year, today my computer just died and would not boot up again.I have removed the motherboard from the case and have it connected on the bench with a tested (working) power supply...

rop453 by Level 7
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CPU PLL Voltage RIVE 3960x

I was going through some settings in my bios and I see my CPU PLL voltage is set to 1.35v. Reading the description for the this normal/default says 1.8v should I set this to 1.8v? I have no Idea how this got to 1.35v..

HK-47 by Level 10
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