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Resume from S3 issue.. NOT the 12x/91c issue

Hi guys and gals.Got myself a tasty fast system, 9 hours stable on prime95, 3930k at 4.7 gig, radeon 6970, 16 gig of ram.Machine is rock solid stable.I first ran into the issue of S3 resume, resuming at 12x mult, and 91c degree core, and Shamino help...

Event id 41 error & pc restarts

Hello Guys,My Specs areAMD X4 Phenom II 965Memory - 8 GB DDR3 Corsair VengeanceGraphic Card AMD HD 6950 2GBCooler Master V6 FAN For CPUMotherboard Crosshair V FormulaPSU - Corsair GS600 - 600WI am currently fed up of the Event 41 Error, I am getting ...

RIVE using 5x x16 slots

Tried google and forum search but couldn't find an answer.Is it possible to use all 4 red slots together with the black slot on the RIVE? Has anyone done this or tested this?Proposed setupSlot1: GPU (x16)Slot2: Raid controller (x8)Slot3: Quadport NIC...

StijnDP by Level 7
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Maximus V Extreme SLI Problem?

Hello, I have just registered here, tried a few days ago and could not register. But I am here now.I have just competed a build using the Maximus V Extreme.I have two ASUS GTX 680 DirectCU II cards in SLI.Problem is that the card in slot 1 is running...

DoZZa by Level 7
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AI Charger+ Where did it go R4E

Has anyone noticed that when you install the Charger+ software on R4E with the 2105 bios it wont install? Ive tried downloading reinstall the whole suite and it tells me verion 1.09 is available it says it installs it but I dont see the option to ena...

Maximus V Extreme not booting

Hello. After getting everything connected I booted up my pc. During my second bootup (First one failed cause I had to reset cmos) all of the parts except the video card was working. When I then tried to boot it up using the integrated gpu the system ...

Krindor by Level 11
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Crosshair IV CPU LED on, cannot use computer

I've been having issues restarting my computer for a while. When I would try to restart it, sometimes the CPU light would stay on, and the machine would not actually start up. Usually I could resolve this with a few attempts and get the machine to st...