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Rampage 4 extreme x79 ram problem after bios update

hi everyone ;i got rampage 4 extreme , 3930K cpu , 4*4 g.skill ripjaws, 5830 ati, 700 watt 80+ my bios was 1404 and i upgrade it 2003 with no issue. then 2105 came and i update 2105 to my bios after this update win7 seen ram 12 gb of 16gb.1 slot like...

How to enable the RAID functions?

Ok well I have recently purchased a few HDD that i was going to run in a RAID 1 setup and because i did not install the RAID drivers at Windows 7 Install I am now left with a real predicamentWhen i change the BIOS mode of the drives from ACHI to RAID...

Maximus V Gene voltage problem

Hello,i`ve a question to the Maximus V Gene users, I have a problem with the voltage, the board is not OC, and I have the last BIOS version 1204 since the beginn i ve got problems with the voltage the alarm log from Probe 2 I`ve changed the power su...

Ruppa by Level 7
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Rampage iii gene - no boot - any help please ?

Hi,I have a Rampage iii gene that has been working fine for just over a year, today my computer just died and would not boot up again.I have removed the motherboard from the case and have it connected on the bench with a tested (working) power supply...

rop453 by Level 7
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CPU PLL Voltage RIVE 3960x

I was going through some settings in my bios and I see my CPU PLL voltage is set to 1.35v. Reading the description for the this normal/default says 1.8v should I set this to 1.8v? I have no Idea how this got to 1.35v..

HK-47 by Level 10
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hello guyssince I put the latest bios 2105 posted by ShaminoI had this bsod today BF3Then I put 2105 but always got the ASUS websiteYou know what this is?thanks

Debug code 72

I just finished Puuting in two new hard drives in raid 1 and a new boot ssd. Tried to plug in my old drive to transfer over my old storage files and couldn't get mr Maximus IV Extreme z (with most recent bios) to post. Got a debug code 72 for " pch d...

bern43 by Level 7
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Crosshair help from a gamer

Hi all, i am so annoyed, and i have lost almost all hope for my new motherboard. I am crying out for help today, because after i tried to go into ez flash and go to my dvd/cd cus the cd that followed with the Crosshair V Formula i used the install fr...

Gamer02 by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme Bluetooth RoG Connect

Hey guys,like many users here having problems with the board, I'm one of them. And if somebody knows the solution, he, or she could post it for me I've already read the guide of this website.I've got the Rampage IV Extreme and I want to connect my Sm...

aznsteil by Level 7
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My old Asus pc wont turn on again

Hi all, I tried to switch my old pc on today but does nothing at all (it's been turned off for 2 weeks), I tried my new PSU still nothing, No lights, no psu fan, no life at all,, It's a ASUS P5G41T ML X,, Any ideas,, thanks.

Nackers by Level 15
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