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A little help overclocking to 4.6ghz

hi guys i like a little help with my overclocking settings. so far my cpu bus is 220mghz and my cpu ratio is 20 and these are my voltscpu 1.425vcpu/nb 1.25vdram 1.65vrest autonow my digi vrm settings iscpu load line highcpu/nb load line regularcpu ov...

best bios for rampage formula

Hello!i'm coming back from holydays, and see that are new bios updates for my Motherboard.actually i'm on 1305 working fine, but with some random freezes using nvidia670 and pciex 3.0x...what is the best bios for now?is new bios need more Vcore or ge...

darivo by Level 7
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No response (I think it's grub)

I'm having the oddest problem. I know it has to do with grub and the bios (Yes I'm dual booting Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 both 64 bit).When I turn on the computer and go into the bios (which I can every time I want to) most of the time I have no key...

jGRite by Level 7
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CrossHair V Formula-Z (TweakTown)

WoW...it's a start ... and FX III .. AND they were listening. Good job Asus.Now ... Where do I trade in the old New One ???http://www.tweaktown.com/news/24462/asus_crosshair_v_formula_refresh_sneaks_under_the_radar/index.htmlHave you been following C...

chrsplmr by Level 18
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Maximus V Extreme LN2 Mode / Slow Mode

Im going to have my first time subzero OC this weekend (use dry ice), I had read this artical: http://rog.asus.com/109512012/maximu...shamino-andre/But it was talking about MVF. So on MVE, can I enable LN2 mode by simply swith it to on? or do I need ...

Eustia by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme Wake On Lan (WOL) problem with BIOS 2105b

Hello everybody,so I decided to update my BIOS yesterday. I went for modified 2105b with updated oprom. I have noticed that WOL no longer works. I was previously on 2103 (official) and WOL was working just fine. I know the network adapter in RIVE doe...