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On R4E, why does my RevoDrive not run at SATA 6GB/s?

As title says,why is my revodrive 3 240gb (not x2) not running at sata 6gb/s...?same problem with the asmedia sata controller, it runs at pci-e gen 2...running on a rampage 4 extreme w/ latest bios (2105), inno3D gtx680...i dont think i had this prob...

Rampage IV Sleep mode problem

Hello,I have discovered a problem today with my PC. This is a fresh install. When i click "sleep" from start menu the computer goes S3 sleep mode , the fans turn off and after some time 30 sec - 2 min it turns on by itself with debug code 03 and it e...

izajasz by Level 10
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i5 2500k clock speeds

Hi guys, my first post here, gotta start somewhere I suppose!!Anyway, wonder if someone can shed some light on a observation I've made just recently.I updated the BIOS on my Asus P8Z68 V Pro the other day (so that my new Corsair mouse would work in t...

helidan by Level 10
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S3 sleep mode question Rampage IV Extreme

Like the title says, I have a question regardin Rampage IV Extreme . When i click sleep in windows 7 the computer goes to sleep (03 code on debug led) than it turns off. when i wake the computer up the motherboard shows debug code 30 and stays that w...

izajasz by Level 10
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Ive been getting random BSOD a lot lately. I got one today when I brought my PC out of sleep mode. I compressed the crash dump and uploaded it. Hopefully i can get some insight on this issue

Asus maximus v extreme new bug....

hello all......My ASUS MAXIMUS V EXTREME cannot Boot in "postcode" often "30", sometimes "23", some times "59" some times "56"......does my Mobo have bug ? (MY BIOS VERSION IS 0704 and 0257 / Dual Bios) i'am trying to test my i7 3770k at my friends m...

Sahrul by Level 7
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Atrocious SSD Performance in AHCI & RAID0

Hi,I recently built what should be a lightning fast box, and I'm getting horrible, essentially SATAII speeds out of my SSDs.Here's a system component overview:Motherboard: Crosshair V FormulaCPU: AMD FX-4170 (OC'd @ 4.64GHz)RAM: 4GB (2GBx2) Corsair ...

11701 11703 11702 11704
OneZero8 by Level 7
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P9x79 ws marvell 9128

I have a problem with Marvell 9128.When I UEFI active in the SSD connected to it are not recognizedand pc is posted bios for 5min.UEFI:Marvell: EnabledDrive Expert: NormalWhen SSD is plugged into Marvell 9128.I have a code 62.Seven in 64 Marvell is n...

12294 Image
VARTAXE by Level 7
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Ramapage 3 extreme overclocking guide ?

hi guys im running a 990x CPU on one of these boardsis there anywhere a guide to overclocking pleasei can increase the multiplier to up the speed, is that it ?any help or advice here would be handy and gratefully received