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i5 2500k clock speeds

Hi guys, my first post here, gotta start somewhere I suppose!!Anyway, wonder if someone can shed some light on a observation I've made just recently.I updated the BIOS on my Asus P8Z68 V Pro the other day (so that my new Corsair mouse would work in t...

helidan by Level 10
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S3 sleep mode question Rampage IV Extreme

Like the title says, I have a question regardin Rampage IV Extreme . When i click sleep in windows 7 the computer goes to sleep (03 code on debug led) than it turns off. when i wake the computer up the motherboard shows debug code 30 and stays that w...

izajasz by Level 10
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Ive been getting random BSOD a lot lately. I got one today when I brought my PC out of sleep mode. I compressed the crash dump and uploaded it. Hopefully i can get some insight on this issue

Asus maximus v extreme new bug....

hello all......My ASUS MAXIMUS V EXTREME cannot Boot in "postcode" often "30", sometimes "23", some times "59" some times "56"......does my Mobo have bug ? (MY BIOS VERSION IS 0704 and 0257 / Dual Bios) i'am trying to test my i7 3770k at my friends m...

Sahrul by Level 7
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Atrocious SSD Performance in AHCI & RAID0

Hi,I recently built what should be a lightning fast box, and I'm getting horrible, essentially SATAII speeds out of my SSDs.Here's a system component overview:Motherboard: Crosshair V FormulaCPU: AMD FX-4170 (OC'd @ 4.64GHz)RAM: 4GB (2GBx2) Corsair ...

11701 11703 11702 11704
OneZero8 by Level 7
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P9x79 ws marvell 9128

I have a problem with Marvell 9128.When I UEFI active in the SSD connected to it are not recognizedand pc is posted bios for 5min.UEFI:Marvell: EnabledDrive Expert: NormalWhen SSD is plugged into Marvell 9128.I have a code 62.Seven in 64 Marvell is n...

12294 Image
VARTAXE by Level 7
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Ramapage 3 extreme overclocking guide ?

hi guys im running a 990x CPU on one of these boardsis there anywhere a guide to overclocking pleasei can increase the multiplier to up the speed, is that it ?any help or advice here would be handy and gratefully received

BUrned chips

Hi,I bought an Asus Crosshair V Formula from Amazon.com, 2-3 months ago.I was out of country and i had the chance of giving it a try for the first time last week.Due to voltage problems, my 2 chips were burned(i think). (sata and sound chips i presum...

abaka by Level 7
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Compatibility Help: OCZ RevoDrive III (not the X II)

Hey guys, just got a few questions I'm going to be dealing with over this week.So, I'm a total newbie here. And after months of longing for an RoG rig, I finally got most of the functionality that I want the PC to be. I'm still re-using some stuffs f...

Daskful by Level 7
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