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Asus z370-f gaming fan headers

Hi to all!I want a little help here.Does anyone knows how many PWM fans can I connect to the CHA_FAN1 or CHA_FAN2 so I can control them through the bios?Dows anyone knows how many AMPS can provide this two fan headers?Thanks


Hi,I'm reinstalling my OS from scratch and I have been using RAID for years with the IRST driver package and obviously RAID settings within the BIOS.This time, I want to remove the RAID0 and RAID1 arrays and just use single drives. My Boot and Data s...

Bogey62 by Level 7
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M 2 SSD to PCIE x4 adaptor for ROG Maximus VII Hero

HiI have ROG Maximus VII Hero and was thinking about upgrading to M2 SSD (currently have Samsung 850 512GB PRO).I am aware of M2 slot limitation and was considering using a different approach.I have only one PCIE x16 slot occupied and not planning to...

Hero 7 and NVMe

hi i have a hero 7 mobo and ordered a intel 760p NVMe m.2 drive and want to use this a my os drive ,but i have a strix 1080ti and some one said i have to have an adapter to get the real speed out of the NVMe drive could someone explain what adapter i...

bimms by Level 7
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Hero Vii, USB

I have a odd problem , mouse connections i must have had about 8 different mice on this MB all have never worked 100% main problem was mouse lag in BF4 .I had tried every USB socket on rear IO which never made any difference , last year i bought a Co...

Sneeky by Level 7
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