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RIVF 3930K 5.125Ghz and then some please

Hi guys, I am hoping someone can help me as I am at a head scratcher of what to do to get my clocks higher.My current Max overclock seems to be 5.125Ghz on 1.56V (water cooled). As the temp has been chilly, I have been trying to push my 3930K higher ...

Gregster by Level 9
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Maximus V Gene Problem Withe Last BIOS 1309 !!

hello all since 48h hours i try to found a solution withe last Bios 1309....! i do a lot of hardware reset, removing battery, load defaut downgrade and upgrad disconnected usb cables etc... and all time same problem i allways boot in the bios i can a...

Fraizer by Level 9
  • 22 replies
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Maximus V Extreme PCI issue

hi I just put together a new system due to thishttp://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?21534-AMD-Response-to-Trifire-Eyefinity-issue-on-the-Rampage-IVto test out if it would work...I have 3 x 7970 dc2t's in slots 1 3 and 6-------- (7970 in red x16)-...

r3zn0r by Level 7
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Problem with Sata or Motherboard ?

Hello there,I'm facing a problem with my system, after a long time of running smoothly without any problems.it has been a while doing like that until it stopped.MY system: 1- Rampage IV Extreme X79.2- i7 3930k processor.3-Vengeance 16 GB quad channel...

hajrs by Level 7
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Latest 5GHZ Achievement - safe config?

3820R4 FormulaDominator-gt 2133 1.5 16gb H100 push/pull125 x 40 (5ghz / 2000mhz)1.48v vcore1.18v vtt1.17v vccsa1.9v pll1.66v dram timings: 9-11-9-27-1tcpu llc - highcpu current capability - 140%cpu power duty control - extremevccsa llc - highvccsa ...

Daveo by Level 11
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Maximus V GENE Rog Connect/iDirect on iOS

Hello all,I recently got me a Maximus V GENE MB and noticed the iDirect app on AppStore for monitoring and OC'ing.I can't for the life of me get this to connect. Seems to me I've tried everything.Tried connecting the iPhone to the PC with USB cable, ...

WIndows 8 Dynamic Ticks Freezing issue

Hello,A lot of people have been reporting windows 8 will freeze up randomly.Its been happening to me especially when using a web browser or when my computer idles a few hours. Ill come back its frozen and Ill have to hit the reset button.All my drive...

BIOS update 1301 to 1703

So I have a Crosshair V Formula motherboard and I want to update my BIOS to the latest version. However I'm currently on BIOS version 1301 and I'm worried that updating straight to 1703 could cause some problems as it's quite a leap. Is it safe to do...