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Downgrade bios to 1404

I currently have a R4E board with the 2105 bios. I believe this is a cap version bios, however I heard the older 1404 bios has better OC potential. How do I downgrade to the 1404 bios?Edit - Read this little snippet in HiVizMan's sig ONLY IF 2003 BIO...

bruno_ by Level 7
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No way to install Windows7 x64 on RIVE with 2xSSDs in RAID0

Hello,I bought a new system, and i'm having a lot of problems trying to install Windows 7 x64.My system setup atm is:i3930K @ default64GB GSkill @ defaultEnermax Platimax 1500WEVGA GTX4802x Samsung 840Pro 256GBRampage IV Extreme BIOS 3101Intel BIOS V...

RIVE Hotwire and MSI GPU V-Check Point

Hi Guys,It looks like no one has tried this.I have the RIVE and would love to use the RIVE's Hotwire feature with the MSI GTX680 Lightnring's V-Check Point feature to monitor the GPU's voltages. The MSI's V-Check point is meant to be used with a mul...

Hagi by Level 7
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Maximus V Gene - no post

I have just assembled a completely new system and connected everything. Tried to turn it on and no post. There are no beeps. All the fans are working. I get a different Q-codes each time I switch on. I can see it whizzing through various codes and th...

Azrael by Level 7
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Rampage Extreme IV Randomly shut down system!

Hello guys.I have very annoying problem.My motherboard shut down system every time when i play games.Only than just cut off and shut down ,same as when we cut of power.Not restart,i don't have even bsod,nothing,just click sound and system is shut dow...

ROGM by Level 7
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Optional North Bridge Fan

Hello,I've been using my RFIII for a few weeks now and have been considering using the optional NB fan that came with the motherboard. However, the instructions explicitly warn that using the NB fan in conjunction with a CPU air cooler will threaten ...

Retired by Not applicable
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Asus Maximus Gene V - Cant get into BIO's

This is the second Gene board ive had , the first was delivered with an annoying 55 error , turned out to be damaged pins from factory , This second board works fine when in windows but im having a nightmare getting into BIO,s , the USB keyboard work...

Bios downgrading doesn't work.

Hello guys, first of all, I'm sorry if i didn't post my problem in the right section, I am a new member.Now, let's get to my problem.Yesterday i updated my bios from the stock one to the newest one (1404) using the Asus update utility.Everything work...

mof990 by Level 7
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