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Help me overclock to 5GHz

Hi, could someone help me overclock it to 5++ GHz? because I have 60 degrees temperatures on Prime95 when testing with the CPU Level Up 4,5 GHz (i7 3770k+Maximus V Formula+High End components). Edited by hivizman - please have all contact for assista...

OC help

so i have working on over clocking my board for the last 2 weeks now and i cant every seem to get it to run stable when i put my specs in to the bios.... so what i am doing is working in the AI program that comes with the mobo and i get it clocked to...

Maximus V gene CODE 08, no POST

Hi,I'm having an issue with my brand new Maximus V GENE.I bought it 2 days, installed everything, and got everything working.. Yet, yesterday I tried to update my BIOS from V1309 to the newest version (V1408).I did it using an USB in the ROG-usb port...

Ganux_ by Level 7
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Corrupt Bios on Crosshair V Formula?

Hi there, I've just got myself a Crosshair V Formula from a mate of mine and I can't get it to boot.I know the board works since I saw him use it before he packed it up to send to me.Now I'm not exactly a PC noob either so I've tried many of the norm...

Virtu MVP Not working properly.

Hello,I've been having some issues with my Virtu MVP: here's my setup:Maximus V Formulai7 3770k (Overclocked to 4,6 ghz offset mode - stable)Noctua NH-D14SSD: Vertex 4 256 GBSeasonic 1000W Platinum PSUCooler Master HAF XRAM: G.Skill RipjawsZ F3-12800...

System random blue screens / restarts

So here is my system build info.MAXIMUS V EXTREME Intel 3770k not over clockedCorsair CW-9060002-WW Hydro H70 CORE High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler16GB Dominator PlatinumAsus GeForce GTX 680 2GB2 Samsung SSD 830 series raid 0 -- latest firmware on...

Where is PLL overvoltage in the Rampage IV Extreme

Hello guys. Recently I've been having problems with my computer where my computer wont' wake from sleep. My monitor will receive no signal and I can't connect to it. I've read online that disabling PLL overvoltage in the BIOS helps but I can't find i...

front usb 3 header has a problem

i just put in a front usb 3 panel and the left side works ok but the right side does not work at all. i only have a usb 2 stick to test it with. could that be why its not working?