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PCIE slots for SLI?? Maximus V Formula.

There are three red slots on my mobo,for video cards. Which two of the three slots should I use? Does it make a difference. I also want to install my Xonar Phoebus sound card. I would like to use the top red slot,and third red slot for the video,...

slikk by Level 7
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crosshair formula IV & saphire HD 7970 Question

hay all. got a question. since this MB is not pci express 3.0 but the card is. dose this meen the card will not perform aswell as it should?if so wil there be a major performance gain with a MB with pci experss 3.0? .thanks

Power management

When i whent in sleep on windows 8 Crosshair V Formula-Z could wake back up moveing mouse or pressing any key on my keyborad.

Maximus Extreme Z Usb Problem

Hi all,I have posted about this before but I have never been able to fix it and it is becoming quite annoying now to say the least, for no apparant reason I lose USB ports and they only come back when I do a CMOS reset. As you can see from the pictur...

Razer lachesis and Crosshair 4 Extreme issues?

Hello all, has been a while since i've had any issues..Well it was all going too well lol. so.I have got a new Mouse the lachesis 5600 dpi 3.5G sensor verison.I have been trying to install the Drivers and sofware, Been having a mass of issues.Firstly...

Mattclh by Level 7
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AE debug code problem again. HELP!

The dreaded AE post code is happening again. I have had to lower my OC by 100MHz to boot, but it is not consistent because sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not? It has not happened since I have dropped my OC to 4.7GHz rather than 4.8GHz. Ye...