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Problem MVF with Core i7 2600k

The first time I bought MVF with core i5 3570k processor, can't enter the bios and the post code that displayed the last time was 15 and after I clear cmos still same, plus I updated the bios to the latest type 1408 still same, I can't enter to bios ...

kid781 by Level 7
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Problem with IV Formula/i7-3820 BIOS

Hey Boys & Girls, I need some serious help here. Just finished my new build, when i boot up my Debug LED's read 66 and I cant get a display to run. My specs are:- Rampage IV Formula- i7-3820- 2x8gb G.Skill Trident X (F3-2400C10D-16GTX) **i have tried...


Air Cooling solution for Crosshair IV Formula

I've been liquid cooling my Crosshair IV Formula for over a year now and now I want to part the water cooling parts out of the machine and into a new machine but I seem to have misplaced my OEM heatsink for my crosshair IV. Does anyone know where I c...

B2 code

hey guys. my pc wont boot for some reason. it shows a b2 code. i flash bios my video card earlier but when i restarted it wont boot at all... tnx guys...MOBO:ASUS Crosshair Formula-zCPU: amd fx 8150Graphics: asus radeon 7950Memo: Corsair Vengeance 1...

bboy by Level 7
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How to convert JBOD SSD to RAID0 on RIVE - Windows 8

OK so I thought I'd ask for some help / advice on setting up my new Asus RIVE motherboard BEFORE I go and run into some of the problems others seem to have encountered here on these forums.I have a new ASUS RIVE system running Windows 8 on a Samsung ...

A warning to Maximus IV Extreme Z owners!!!!

what ever u do, DO NOT INSTALL 'Intel_LAN_V17300_XPWin7_8' listed on the asus support site as a download for this mobo, if u install this everything will stop working, network, disks, ram, you will have BSOD every 10 min for various confusing reasons...

Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Questions

I'm thinking of getting the Formula with ThunderFX, I just have a few questions about it.1. USB sound card, is it actually any good compared to a PCI-E sound card? "USB" just makes it sound kind of crappy to me? am I wrong?2. Does it make the on-boar...

Graphics Problems Please help

Hello!I just upgraded my computer today and I can only get my monitor to work with my HDMI cable.I got the Rampage IV Extreme moboi7 3930kH100 cooler32gb gskillGTX 680 SC gpuI have tried all the pci slots and still no go with the DVI cables. I get th...

Annthax by Level 7
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Waterblock RIVF

HelloIs the waterblock (PCH) for Rampage IV Extreme is compatible with Rampage IV Formula?Thanks

tistou77 by Level 13
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