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A2 on new RIVE please help

so if you know the error codes front and back then you know what that means, but if not I am having a boot drive error. (also cpu cooler supposedly but i remember hearing this is an issue with the h100)anyways i thought it was disc drive because no m...

R4E: RAID10 Initializing

I have a brand new build based on the Asus Rampage IV Extreme (x79 express) motherboard.I have four WD RE4 500 GB hard drives hooked to the Intel SATA controller in a RAID10 array (created via the CTRL-I option during POST) .I just installed Windows ...

Bogey62 by Level 7
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Do i need to update my bios ?

hi I have an maximus iv extreme its running bios ver 2302 and it is getting a bit bsod happy.i7 2600k oc to 4.8ocz pci ssd drive1.5tb Samsung hd500gb Samsung hd16gb corseair ddr3amd 6950 2gb graphics cardIf I do up date witch is the most sablethanks

tanabe by Level 7
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Basic Overclocking Question - R4F

This is just one of those "because it's there" questions. I'm not having any issues with my system. My PC is 100% stable by which I mean it does what I want it to and it never crashes. But if I increase my CPU multiplier just from 43 to 44 (trivia...

RIVE boot selection menu

I have a small problem that I hope the UEFI devs for my RIVE can solve... I have a dual boot system, Gentoo Linux and windows 7 (capitalization deliberate). My linux system is installed on a MBR partitoned drive though I can migrate this over to GP...

mark4 by Level 7
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OC failed, or something is wrong??

I tried a OC on my P8Z68 M-Pro last night just to see what my temps on the stock Intel cooler could do. So I have the i5-3570K. I have my XMP set, and I only changed my CPU to 4.5ghz.Tried the Prime95 bench and watched the temp to whole time. After a...

Interesting Issues With Crosshair V and FX-8150

This is the first computer I have built and I have started having some slight issues. I'll list them out to make it easier to read. Hopefully everything is easy to understand.Set-Up:CPU: AMD FX-8150MB: ASUS Crosshair VVideo: HIS Radeon 6950 2GBRAM: C...

Buy my cosuins hardware

She is selling a rampage 4 extrenme mobo with 12gb for 200 something and an asus mars 2 at cheap prices. uk only .i hope im not breaking forum rules here. She is legit,check her out. (angelac1960)