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7970 Quad-Crossfire Scaling Issue

Hi guys, first of all I realize this might not be the best place to write this problem but it might be a motherboard issue as well that's why I'll be directing this problem to this place of the forum, I suppose.I have four Sapphire 7970 reference car...

Maximsu v Formula heat and memory issues

Hi all!This is my first thread here and I just upgraded parts of my hardware:Asus Maximus v FormulaH60 (2013 version)i7-3770kCorsair Dominator Platinum 1866 8GBSamsung SSDSo here is my problem and i hope someone can help :I have a maximus v formula ...

Potentially dead Maximus IV

I've got a B3 revision Maximus IV in a rig I built just over a year ago. Over the last few months the following problems began appearing:DRAM LED occasionally lighting up on boot. Fixed by removing and reseating DIMMS.VGA LED occasionally lighting up...

Gelgamek by Level 7
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Maximus V Gene won't post 2nd board with q-code A2

This is my second Maximus V Gene and it still won't post. I am getting code A2 like the first board. Have removed and reseated cpu, ram. Right now I am just trying to get it to post with only the cpu and ram installed. Any thoughts? Update BIOS?...