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Intel SSD Toolbox 3.1.2 + Intel RSTe = CRASH!?

Hi!Is anyone else having problems with this combination?As soon as I run the SSD optimizer so crashes entire computer after 16%.Anyone know how I get it to work without uninstalling the Intel RSTe?I know this is an old problem from Intel and think it...

w00x by Level 7
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About cpu frequency

helloi have Maximus 5 gene and 3770k(3.5 mhz).Before overclocking when i check turbo5 evo, i see cpu frequency 3900 mhz.For regular times is it normal?

Crosshair IV and bios ver 3029 - Is it Vishera ready?

Hi,I was wondering if bios version Beta 3029 is Vishera ready? If not will Asus have any plans to put Vishera microcodes in there? Also why does 3029 have bios 1102 core components in there? I discovered that fact by examining it closely. Version 110...

Memory Question for Maximus Extreme IV-Z

Hello @ all!I will buy new memory kit for my asus maximus iv-z extreme mainboard. I know, there is an compatibility list for modules available, but this list is very old and I dont' know which modules are supported effectivly.I will buy an 16GB dual-...

whiggy by Level 7
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R4E not recognizing all RAM Dims

Hi Guys,I just recently RMA'd my R4E do to faulty USB slots. Now I am having a new issue with the dim slots on the new board. All of my ram dimms are not being recognized by the RMA'd motherboard that I received from Asus last week. I am using 16 gb ...

MvE 1501 Bios and RAID

Last time I update the Bios to 1408 it broke my SSD RAID-0 array. It broke the array even when I change the setting in the Bios to RAID before entering windows for the first time after flashing.So I'm wondering if 1501 will break the array again. Fro...

JunXaos by Level 7
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