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H100i vs H100 RIVE 3930K

I picked one of these up just to see how it goes and it dropped 15c off my temps ether that or my old H100 wasn't working 100% or some think , I did a 15 minute test one after the other and my CPU got up to 91c then popped a error in LinX on my H100 ...

Maximus V Gene iGPU Hdmi Display Artifacts

First let me list out my PC's internals.1)Asus Maximus V Gene2)Intel i7-26003)16GB of Vengence Ram (4x4GB)4)HD 6850 2GB x2 (crossfire)5) 2x500GB Segate Baracuda (Raid 0)7)Corsair 700w GS8)Haf 912 Advance case9)LG Lg E2360 LED MonitorHere is my Proble...


geforce driver broken?

Yesterday I shut down my pc without any problems, everything was fine. now today, I boot, the mobo logo shows, then the windows logo shows, but after that, everything goes black. My computer is on, I can hear all the windows sounds and everything but...

RIVE EZ_PLUG_1 question

The EZ_PLUGZ_1 connector on the Rampage lV board is for quad video card additional Power. Would it help / hurt / make no difference to supply additional power thru this connector for just a Dual SLI GTX680 Classified setup?

Boreas by Level 7
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Use of mobile racks for system drives

Is anyone employing the use of drive mobile racks in your system and experiencing system stability with their use, especially with the sata ports on the Crosshair V Formula-Z? I use them to clone backup drives. Thanks in advance for any inputs.CPU: ...

Maximus V Extreme - bluetooth fails to start?

So this is on a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit... with Intel Z77 Chipsetlast night the blue tooth was working fine and never had any issues... this morning I load up my machine and there is a pop up saying that one of my usb devices has failed. C...

Slipp3d by Level 8
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