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To Remove the IHS or Not, that is the Question...

I've been asked before how to remove an IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) From a CPU. Well I can't say how this is accomplished in an Intel CPU but I have seen various people using Torches and other Really HOT Tools to do this on an AMD CPU which is VER...

maximus V Extreme doesn't detect SSD drive anymore?

hi, i hope you can help me. i have installed a hyperX kingston ssd drive and it worked for 1 month everything went ok, but today i turn on my PC and BIOS doesn't detect my ssd anymore, i have my OS in it. the cables are plugged and they are ok also t...

Maximus IV Extreme Z USB Crashes

Hey all, Suddenly randomly while using the PC whether in games or web browser or desktop, the USB driver suddenly crashes and usually restarts. Sometimes however, it does not and I am forced to restart in order to get it going again.

Rham by Level 7
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Problem with AI Suite II V20101

I'm setting up Windows 7-64 on a new Crosshair V Formula-Z with an FX-8350. All was going well until I loaded AI Suite II. Now, after logging in, it take a full 1minute 30seconds for my system to become usable. There is a painfully looooong delay in ...

Greg_I by Level 7
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Intel SSD Toolbox 3.1.2 + Intel RSTe = CRASH!?

Hi!Is anyone else having problems with this combination?As soon as I run the SSD optimizer so crashes entire computer after 16%.Anyone know how I get it to work without uninstalling the Intel RSTe?I know this is an old problem from Intel and think it...

w00x by Level 7
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About cpu frequency

helloi have Maximus 5 gene and 3770k(3.5 mhz).Before overclocking when i check turbo5 evo, i see cpu frequency 3900 mhz.For regular times is it normal?