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Crosshair V Formula-Z Trouble!

I Received a Crosshair V Formula-Z for Christmas, I also got ram, a CPU and a case. I Installed everything into the new case(HAF 912) and it wouldn't post, it turns on for a split second and turns off right after, the fans don't even spin all the way...

Should I give up on my new Maximus V Formula board!!??

Event ID 41 Kernel-Power in the event viewerI’m thinking of giving up on my new Maximus V Formula board. But don’t want to!!Some background info:I just started this build about 2 weeks ago and having problems, this is the second time I format window...

Maximus V Formula Boot Problem

I have recently built a new PC and encountered a problem.When I press the power button, everything lights up and seemingly starts but after a short while(before anything pops up on monitor) it all stops and turns off. I then have to wait for a littl...

LGA 2011 Pin Repair SABRETOOTH X79

As a poster in this post said, he paid $120 to have the pins repaired.http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?18141-LGA2011-Motherboard-Socket-Pins-Do-These-Look-Right&highlight=pins+damageDo I just go through the standard Asus support to do this? D...

tului by Level 7
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crosshair formula v liux build

hi there I am new too this forum I was wondering if any one can help I am about too have a go at build a new system with linux based os and raid array has anyone done the cross hair v if so which versoin of Linux works best any info would be great ma...

tone50 by Level 7
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Mobo Swap

I just ordered a new Sabertooth Z77 to replace my Asus GENE V. However i was wondering if i would have to reinstall Windows 8? I assume that since the chipset and the processor will be the same then i shouldnt need to. Although im not 100 percent sur...

how much for a Croshair IV ?

I have a guy who have a Chroshair IV ( rma return ) how much i can offer him ? this will be only to complete my ROG collection it come with a 1055t, good CPU for my VM servers.

Area_66 by Level 11
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Fan Expert 2 error

Hi,Latest AI Suite II for my Maximus V Formula under Windows 8 x64. I get "Server execution failed, ProgID: "AsusFanControlService.FanControlManager"Any ideas where to start looking? The suite itself works, I can look at CPU temp, speed, etc with ot...

Startup Issues with P8Z77-V-Pro

So I built my machine in May and have been dealing with this issue for months. Turn on PC - You can see all the check lights go on on the MB - Black screen and red light on the MB for O/S - CTRL ALT DEL and reset - Spam delete key to try to get into ...