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USB Updates for Windows 8?

Having issues with my Blue Yeti, appear to be either BIOS related or driver related. Are there any Windows 8 USB driver updates for the RIVE?

asmedia port not working v gene ?

everything works fine except one of my asmedia ports the one in front , tried new hard drive everything including flash anyone know if this is a dead end for the esata or have i got a biner ?

t3kn33k by Level 10
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Motherboard Audio output not working

When I plug my headset in the audio output of the motherboard, the driver detect the headset and I can see that it is trying to play sounds in windows, but I do not hear any soundAt least the audio output jack of my case is working, but i would reall...

Benchy by Level 7
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BIOS update.....

Hey..... AMCan some one explain me please.....I have Bios 101( i think so but this not important ) And i need update my Bios,I can update my bios in Al Suite ll or Asus EZ Flash 2?! And if I updated my Bios,my utilities will updating automatically (e...

Turbid by Level 7
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Looking to build with a Maximus V Formula

I am looking to replace a x79 build I did almost a year ago. A couple questions:Will the Noctura NH-D14 fit?I have some 2133 Ripjaw ram but been reading bad news about that ram and htis board so i am looking at a set of the new Corsair Dominator. Any...

ASUS RMA Replacement R4E Poor Quality Assurance.

Asus RMA Support:Hi Guys,I have been working with Asus RMA support for over a month now trying to get my still under warranty Asus Rampage 4 Extreme motherboard fixed. I have received 2 RMA'd motherboards from Asus and both of them had worse issues t...

To 48 or not to 48. Advice needed.

Need advice/opinions regarding a 24/7 4700 MHz vs. 4800 MHz set up. Both setups are completely stable LinX, Prime95 etc. However, at the risk of being obvious, the voltages (VCore) and core temperatures with each are different enough that I would ver...

Snakeyes by Level 11
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