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X99-A cpu core and cpu package tempature readings

Hi folks,Another thing thats been bugging me about this X99A board is the temperature readouts. I ran RealBench and it reports temps of 35-38C when idle. This temperature is the same as what I see in HWINFO64 under "CPU Package tempeature" -- however...

X99A and CPU Max Power Current

Hi folks,REcently acquired a used X99a with Haswell-E CPU, could anyone tell me how to properly set max current limit?First I boot up under stock settings and noticed it was current throttling under Intel ITU, so I changed the default 130A to a highe...

Asus Rampage Formula IV - no temps after sleep

I am having issues with temperatures monitor after PC is turned on from sleep mode.HW Monitor, and others software does not show them.Due to this CPU (i7-3930k) is underclocked to 1200 Mhz.Only solution is to restart computer.Any ideas or suggestions...

Update Windows and BIOS or not? [HELP]

Hello, I have a PC with the following Specs but I want to know if I should take some necessary steps:CPU: Intel 4790K (I don't overcloak)Motherboard: Asus Maximus Hero 7 (Bios: 2702)RAM: Corsair 16 GB (8X2) Cooler: H100i CorsairPSU: Corsair RM650GPU:...

Crosshair V Formula Z: Q-Code 66

So I have a Crosshair V formula -Z with a 9590. Seems I got it narrowed down to my USB 3.0 ports on the I/O. Any time I have anything plugged into one of the USB 3.0 ports I get boot hang with the Q-Code 66. Unplug device and it boots without issue. ...

Best Intel RST driver for Maximus V Gene Z77?

Hi all,Just replaced a tired Samsung 840 Pro SSD, with a new 860 Pro SSD. The IOPS were low on the 840, I figured mostly because the drive is 5+ years old, and has 160TB written. But after installing the 860 Pro, the IOPS are indeed better, but not...


B350-i post error after bios update

I have the b350-i and just updated the bios from 3803 to 4011 using ezUpdate in win10. After restart I get two biep and the LED for memory is red. The screen shows awkward colored rectangles like a patchwork. The memory worked before without problem....

Sonic Studio 3 Audio dropouts and stutters when gaming.

So for a while now I wasn't able to put my pc to suspend because upon resuming I would get audio pops, for example if listening to music and browsing was very annoying. I thought had problems with board and usb issues or static.But now with the late...

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CPU Core Ratio greyed out on H370-F

If I change it from Auto to By Core Usage, everything is still locked on Auto. I'm using an i5 8500. Are these settings only available with K cpus? Asus' BIOS manual for this board doesn't mention any limitation as such.