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ASUS Z97-A BIOS settings not saving?

Recently, i got a new graphics card. For some reason, my BIOS wasn't reading the card. I finally figured out a fix: and that was to go inside the bios, and change the primary display from auto -> PCI-E. It was working for 2 days, then all of a sudden...

How to remove desktop gadget from ai suite 3 on windows 8 ?

Hello, I have just installed ai suite 3 that came with the extreme vi motherboard on windows 8 but it has installed an annoying desktop gadget that I m not planning to use at the bottom right of the screen.I have tried to look in the various tab but ...

Hawat by Level 7
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Rampage IV extreme hard drives showing up as ejectable device

Hi all I recently had a hard drive die and had to reinstall windows 10. My rampage IV extreme drivesand everything also had to be reinstalled, after everything back up and running my hard drives now show up in bottom right corner as an ejectable devi...

Heebus by Level 7
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ASUS Z370 PRIME-A I cant flash previous BIOS anymore

Hi.I have Z370 PRIME-A and yesterday i updated with the new Bios 0805. Now i want to go back on previous versions and when i try this on bios it gives me this error "selected file is not a proper bios!"so there is no way to go back?

No screen display, All leds are lit alternatively

Hello people,here is my problem : since some days I cant turn on my CPU anymore because i've got no screen signal at all.So I tried some things (like switching the RAMs slot, booting with only 1 RAM, the proc & motherboard, etc) and since that I got ...

YGK13 by Level 7
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X99-A cpu core and cpu package tempature readings

Hi folks,Another thing thats been bugging me about this X99A board is the temperature readouts. I ran RealBench and it reports temps of 35-38C when idle. This temperature is the same as what I see in HWINFO64 under "CPU Package tempeature" -- however...

X99A and CPU Max Power Current

Hi folks,REcently acquired a used X99a with Haswell-E CPU, could anyone tell me how to properly set max current limit?First I boot up under stock settings and noticed it was current throttling under Intel ITU, so I changed the default 130A to a highe...

Asus Rampage Formula IV - no temps after sleep

I am having issues with temperatures monitor after PC is turned on from sleep mode.HW Monitor, and others software does not show them.Due to this CPU (i7-3930k) is underclocked to 1200 Mhz.Only solution is to restart computer.Any ideas or suggestions...

Update Windows and BIOS or not? [HELP]

Hello, I have a PC with the following Specs but I want to know if I should take some necessary steps:CPU: Intel 4790K (I don't overcloak)Motherboard: Asus Maximus Hero 7 (Bios: 2702)RAM: Corsair 16 GB (8X2) Cooler: H100i CorsairPSU: Corsair RM650GPU:...