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ThunderboltEX 3 on a PRIME Z370-A - HELP needed...

Hi all,I need help to install an Asus ThunderboltEX3 coming from an X99 DELUXE II but never used before.I followed the basic steps found on the TBEX3 manual:1) Donwloaded from Asus support website Intel_Thunderbolt_AR_17.2.71.250_20171205 driver and ...

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QMaxy by Level 7
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What is V1 in hwinfo64 on asus z97 pro wifi ac?

I've noticed in hwinfo64 in the sensors page is V1 and it looks to be one of my vcore settings because it is the only sensor that drops to like ~ .8 volts at idle and way over my set vcore at load. For example my vcore in bios is set at manual static...

Juggla by Level 7
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Prime X470-Pro fans keep running after shutdown

Having trouble trying to fix this. When I shut the system down, whether from Start menu or Pwr button, the case and cooling fans keep running. The only way to turn them off is to shut off pwr. I've reset CMOS via the jumpers, R&R'd the battery a...

Asus Rampage III Extreme 24GB Memory Bandwidth Issue

Hi,I'm not very experienced in overclocking / MB settings so I hope somebody can shed light to the issue I'm having.I've been using Asus Rampage III Extreme MB, with i7 980XI and had 12GB RAM running at 1600Mhz for years without any issues whatsoeve...

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ASUS Z97-A BIOS settings not saving?

Replaced the CMOS battery, reflashed the BIOS ect.. and its still not saving all my settings. It saves the fastboot/time/date/ignore CPU fan speed but when i try to set my primary display to PCI-E, it constantly reverts to auto and I can't find a fix...