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Safe CPU Vcore for 24/7 overclock on RIVF 3930k

Just overclocked using all of the useful guides on here, thank you to everyone!! I am curious if running 1.35 to 1.38 VCore for the CPU is safe on this board? Using an H100i cooler max temps are 64*C on all cores during heavy gaming. I am using Offse...

water coolong solution suggestions for max v and cpu

Anyone out there with a maximums v formula and a 3770k in a nzxt m59 case????Please tell me what would be a good water cooling solution for both the board and CPU.Would the kraken be able to do both at the same time and is it even compatible with the...

fbm211 by Level 7
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Extremely long boot times after installing AI Suite 2 (RIVE)

Hi.It is quite simple to explain, the fact is, that after installing most recent version of AI Suite my boot times go from about 25 secs (including POST) to about 2 minutes, most of them waiting in the login screen (on windows 8 pro x64)Note that i h...

Igb by Level 7
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Strange BIOS VCore delivery experience.

So I had a pretty much stable overclock with 3930k/RIVE combination of 4,6ghz@+0,025 LLC on regular, max voltage on maximum droop is 1,344 and highest being 1,368, I started to get this funny idea, what if I were to raise LLC to med so that I would e...

Temp monitoring

What do you recommend for temp monitoring of your CPU. ETC I have the RIVE MOBO. I was thinking AIDA64 but thought I would check here first

_REAPER_ by Level 7
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Install CD will not run

Hello all Just got through with my new build and loaded Windows 8 pro 64 bit and the install CD/DVd will not autorun or run by using ASSETUP.EXE.Anyone have any ideas.Great way to start a new build.Any help would he appreciated...Thanks WTM "Tiger"

Maximus V Formula & i5 3570K overlock

Hello,First time overclocker here looking for some advice from the grizzled veterans.Last night I overclocked my i5 (with a Noctua NH-D14) to 4.5GHz seemingly stable and I used 1.210v on the processor and Auto LLC. The max temp any core reached was ...

Fan Xpert + Opt Header + BT Keyboard

Hello,I just got my Asus Maximus Gene up and running, It's great. Love it.Today I ran Fanexpert, and it has maxed my optional cpu fan out and at this speed it is loud. I was hoping to slow it down to a regular speed so I went to boot into the bios. I...

Donerik by Level 7
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