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Fx 8150 Crosshair V Formula Gskill f3-17000cl11-4gbxl

im pretty new to all this, but shouldnt my ram be running at 2133 currently its at 800mhz.... is there a step by step howto for increasing ram speed.... all i can find is cut and dry answers no real guides on how to actually accomplish it... thanks

Reko by Level 7
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And already I have a question........

My MVE is currently on its way and already, I have a question. Is my understanding correct that I do not want to install ANYTHING from the AI Suite II due to issues? Thanks in advance for any responses.

bmw477 by Level 8
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Rampage IV extreme and UEFI Mode

Hi guys, I have a problem: I have installed windows 8 in Uefi mode, and the installation is ok. my hardware support full uefy but if I disable CSM in bios, the system Crash in the boot! Bios version is 3602, Vga is gtx 680 MSI with Uefi support VBIOS...

Maximus IV Extreme w/ 3570k issues

Just finished a new build, used ROG connect to flash to 3208, then flashed again, and held the cmos reset for about 15 seconds (I've repeated this again once the problem started). After I got windows installed and started playing around with things ...

Which MVF drivers and app.s to pick?

K, it´s becoming crunch time soon, so I´m looking at the available drivers for my board, and I´m wondering how much of it I really need. I know for certain, that AI Suite is a no-go. So, here´s what I think. And I´d like you to give me your opinion, ...

TenBlade by Level 11
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