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LED Codes

When my system is up and running I noticed on the LED Code Display is showing B0 or it may be an 80. Now I noticed in the manual it states that B0 is Runtime set virtual Address MAP Begin. Now I am not sure exaclty what that means and is that what sh...

WixKT by Level 7
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hi there everyone.after getting my MVF from ASUS Service it wored fine for 2 weeks, and all the sudden it BSODed on me last night. the DEBUG LED shows 4F followed by 6 beeps then the MB reboot it self, tryed to clear CMOS with the button on the IO...

ph4ntom by Level 7
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Please compare LGA 2011 to LGA 1155

See sig. for current setup. Considering an upgrade (giving my son my current MB and CPU) and I am wondering how much faster / better the X79 motherboards are. The processor I would use is the i7-3770K. My gaming habits are moderate (COD4, BF2), bu...

red454 by Level 11
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02 led code after update bios 3602

Hi , everyoneI have never issue with updating my R4E until this day, when the PC restart after the update processing (Bios 3602) i have the blanck screen and the 02 code error appear each time :I have try many solutions :- Clear CMOS : no change- Swi...

Kaiser14 by Level 7
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headset hookup ?

Alright I got a question. I am running my audio to my monitor right now via hdmi from the asus gtx670 and using the keyoard control to volume up or down. I want to add my turtle beach xp500 headset to the system from my xbox. I connect the turtl...

drop4205 by Level 12
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Max OC on standard volts

Hey guys I don't know if this thread was already posted before, but I would like to know the max OC you got out of ur FX-8150 on the standard Vcore voltage? can you post pics of ur OC or just give the bus speed and multiplier. I will post my pics whe...

Gene V, sometimes no video signal (2600K's igpu)

At least one out of the ten times i power on the pc i get no signal at all. The pc boots to win and i know it by observing the hdd light (and pressing once the power off, it shuts down).When i get no signal, switching on and off the monitor doesn't h...

fommof by Level 7
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