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Installing Windows in "UEFI"

Hello,Is it possible to install Windows 7 in "UEFI" without partitions "System" and "MSR"What are the advantages of UEFI installation on an SSD?Thanks

tistou77 by Level 13
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BSOD code 0x7f ( posible fix )

What is it the BSOD code 0x7f ?This happening playing Medal of Honor Warfighter (Multiplayer), freeze screen, sound freeze and show me this BSOD code !!!In the WEAH errors say Kernel-Power.I have a 4.4 Ghz, stable of 12+ hours Prime95, 11+ hours memo...

Crosshair V Formula-Z fail to post

Hello all,I have spent the last few hours searching through posts and have not been able to find a solution to correct my build.The back ground on it: 3 months old (been running fine until yesterday)-Crosshair V Formula-Z AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s US...

Sourmug by Level 7
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Rampage III Extreme not booting right

Hi all,I have a Rampage III Extreme here, which is doing something odd: fairly often it just gets to the logo screen and then doesn't boot any further. I can tab to the boot screen and if I press e.g. del it says it's going to go into BIOS, but doesn...

Keyboard not detected

Ok I just got the Crosshair V formula and waited a day to install it.Well I got it to bios setup several times past that is on the verge of hopelesstwo things happen 1 it says keyboard not detected,then it boots into boot manager and shows ...

Display Problems After Testing iGPU

I have 2 680's SLI connected via DVI cable and everything has been working great since I installed my MVE. This morning I thought I would test the iGPU to see it work. I connected the HDMI cable from the motherboard to my monitor and rebooted and cha...

bmw477 by Level 8
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Help flashing my bios please.

Hello, I am sorry to revive a dead topic, but I'm having an issue very similar to the original post in this thread. I am getting the F2 error code constantly on my Maximus IV Extreme-Z board.I've been doing extensive research and I've narrowed down m...

how do i flash my CHVF

Hi, im kinda stumped and very new to all this tech stuff so please bear with me through my ignorance. I have no way of flashing my bios back to 1703. I have a CHVF , AMD 8320 , last week i decided to reinstall win7 , after the clean install i had no ...

oldmif by Level 7
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Initial Install of SSD on R4F

I'm having problems trying to install Windows 7 x64 on a new Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD with my R4F. I'm trying to install Windows with a USB flash drive.I have the SSD connected to the Intel SATA6G_1 port.In the BIOS, under the Boot tab, under Boot O...

Viper9 by Level 7
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