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New PC having nvlddmkm errors

OK I just built a new PC. In doing so I think I went over kill on the motherboard. Here are my specs.OS: Windows 8CPU: I-7 3770kGPU: evga Titan Superclocked SignatureMotherboard: Asus Maximus V Extreme (BIOS 1707)Memory: Corsair Veneance 16GB (2x8GB...

Rampage IV Extreme Crossfire Issues

I tried to setup Crossfire with 2 Sapphire HD7950 cards. Followed instructions perfectly. After installing the latest driver with both graphics cards installed I rebooted.Now I get no display. Debug code is 25. Tried booting with each card indivi...

foana by Level 7
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When is Asus get smart?

When is Asus get smart and quit using the gross, puke,etc intel blue on their AMD mother boards and use red, black or no color on them?Merry Christmas Johnny333 65+++

a quick question concerning the M4GZ-G3

If the BIOS has been flashed to work with an Intel ivy bridge cpu would it cause problems trying to boot with a sandy bridge cpu? I am unsure as to which BIOS the board is currently running as it seems to be bricked. I bought the board from a buddy a...

azrael36 by Level 7
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Rive boot error

I recently got my RIVE mobo replaced as the previous was faulty, reinstalled with new thermaltake water 2.0 extreme pump for cooling on a 3930k i7. For about ten days all was fine and now it has started to flag an error when i boot, one long beep fol...

martyn by Level 10
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Request for future Z87 boards

Hey, I'm anxiously waiting the future Z87 ROG motherboards, specifically the Formula one, and wanted to request/suggest/beg that on the new boards all of the chipset SATA ports be left internal at the port cluster.I don't know how other people set up...

MengNa by Level 7
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Rampage iV Extreme setup ??

Great site! I found a guide that I think will be helpful, : RAID – What is RAID? And Setup Guide For First Timers, but have a few questions If I may:Here are my specs:1) Intel i7 3930K 2) Video card PNY VCGGTX6804XPB GeForce GTX 680 4GB 256-bit...

blusky by Level 7
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P8Z77-V pro Q-shield

The IO ports doesn't really align perfectly with the Q-shield installed on my case. Some of the ports actually push the Q-shield outward. I wonder should I really be concern that is could do damage to the ports in the long run. It's only foam, would ...

Rampage III Gene

Any one know if the is drives out yet for win8 on Rampage III Gene, I know I did see something here somewhere but but cant remember where

Radsy by Level 7
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