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Where to connect my HDD's?

Hi thereI've just set up RAID0 on my RIVE using two SSD's connected to the two Intel 6 Gb/s connectors.My Blu-ray is connected to one of the Intel 3 Gb/s connectors.I have three HDD's left to be connected. Two WD Black SATA 6 Gb/s and one WD Blue SA...

viking by Level 9
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Help No Post Screen: Code A2

I was testing my new build which has a Asus Maximus V Extreme motherboard I had a mouse & keyboard connected via USB No graphics card was using the on board graphics via HDMI cable. Also NO SSD/HHD or DVD drive connected. I powered up the system and ...

Formula-z will not boot, Q-code F.B. cpu led is on

Hey guysYesterday i finally installed my Mobo (Crosshair V formula-z), and after 3 errors i could fix, now 1 i cant.if i connect the power plug, everything lights up, and all the fans start spinning. Notice that i haven't switched the power button on...

Brambee by Level 7
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F.F. led what does that mean???

Hello,This is my second build in the last 5 years. My first build was with a Asus board, was wanting the crosshair V Formula at the time, but finances was a little tight.My problem is when I do a start up, I get all fans to go. Front panel lights u...

Cant OC at all

Do you see anything in my system that would point out why I cant OC? Even on the XMP settings I eventually get a hit F1 b/c overclock failed message at boot. I ran memtest all night w/o errors. PSU?

Help what is this?

On my RCTWEAKIT RC POSTER i am getting a 0004, my systems does not crash or does anything bad everything is running good. what is this 0004 code and what can i do to about it?

Sabertooth 990FX higher OC possible?

Hey all,I own a Sabertooth 990FX and a AMD 8150, and I decided to overclock it.I've managed to get it OC'ed to 4.2, running stable and am wondering if it's possible for me to OC it even more.My rig is build with a Antec Kuhler H2O 620 and a great air...

ScottyG by Level 7
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