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Tuf Z370 Pro Gaming question: Fan speed control?

TLR: How can I get rid of only fan speed control of AI Suite and only use speedfan (but retain the other AI suite feature use on the app)? This is what I would like to do, because this Asus driver is terrible.I'm having problem with my Asus Software ...

_H0PE_ by Level 7
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How to install windows 7 in x299 sage

How to install windows 7 64 bit in x299 sage, using usb drive?How to add the drivers to the usb?Mouse and keyboard not detected in the windows setup.

Rashi by Level 7
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Prime z370-a bios 0607

Hi,PRIME Z370-A BIOS 0607Improve system stability.Does it also include the micro code update most of us decided to stay away from which was introduced on 0606 version?

katlani by Level 9
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Motherboard code 55

I just finished putting everything together and when I turned it on, the LED display on the mobo reads 55. What's wrong?

Iamazn by Level 7
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Z370-F “slow” boot

Hello there,I am experience pretty slow boot times on my Z370-F setup. It is not terrible, but it takes at least twice as long as my other PC with much worse specs. The reason why these seemingly few seconds matter to me, is because I play PUBG compe...

pnd by Level 7
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