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RIVE - Dead system

My PC specs:CPU: INTEL 3930K (OC from BIOS Normal OC Profile)CPU COOLER: NOCTUA NH-D14 SE2011MOBO: ASUS RAMPAGE IV EXTREMEBIOS VERSION: 4004PSU: THERMALTAKE 1200WRAM: GSKILL 32GBGPU: EVGA GTX 680 4GBI have this system from September 2012 working with...

Nionios by Level 7
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Xeons on RIVF?

Can I use any of the Xeon CPUs on the RIVF mobo?The supported CPU list only shows i7 cpus, but there seems to be threads claming that people can get Xeon E5 running on them.Any truth to that claim?

probléme sli sur asus maximus v extreme

Bonjour Je vient vous posté mon souci car je n’ais pu trouver de solution moi-même. En effet je dispose d’une carte mére asus maximus v extreme avec un sli de gtx 780 qui son dans les port pci 1 pour la premiere ( celle au plus prêt du cpu ) quand a ...

lamoto63 by Level 7
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Rampage Extreme 775 expanding capacitors?

Hey everyone, have had rock solid stability out of this old original ROG board, but it recently developed problems with the audio and a wireless mouse.The audio card is an Auzentech Bravura in the lower PCIE slot, and I noticed that one of the capaci...

DougGuy by Level 7
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HELP! Asus Maximus Extreme-Z Bios Update!

So I have a Maximus IV Extreme-Z motherboard and 3570k. However the motherboard is a Rev 1.0 so I'm guessing it doesn't have the version 3 bios. What is the best possible way to flash my bios to the current bios version for my board so that the 3570k...

Sabertooth Z77 - cannot shut down

I'm having the exact same problem as in this thread, but after posting there, I was directed to open a new thread.All suggestions there didn't help me. Not solved. ASUS Sabertooth Z77, PSU is a "Super Flower SF-500P14FG, 500Watt, 80Plus Platinum, Fan...

BSOD While installing nVidia Driver . MV GENE :|

Hi all. My rig :3570KMaximus V gene (1604 bios)Inno3d 680patriot viper III black mamba 8 GB 2133Problem:When I try to install any any version of nvidia driver (310. 314. 313. 320 and ......) , when installing is finishing, system crashes BSOD !!!Wh...

Osuk by Level 7
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SupremeFX III on Crosshair V Formula -Z Software Options...

I recently purchased the Crosshair V Formula Z back in November 12' and I don't like the Audio Control Panel with DTS UltraPC II that it comes with and installs for Audio Controls. I previously owned the Crosshair III formula and had the SupremeFX X-...

Fadewood by Level 7
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