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CPU Core Ratio greyed out on H370-F

If I change it from Auto to By Core Usage, everything is still locked on Auto. I'm using an i5 8500. Are these settings only available with K cpus? Asus' BIOS manual for this board doesn't mention any limitation as such.

Is CPU_OPT an independand header, or just a splitter?

I was looking at my fan options on the H370-F and there does not seem to be any setting in BIOS or AsusAI for the 2nd (CPU_OPT) CPU fan header. Is it just a "splitter" off the main CPU_FAN header?!?If so, what will happen if a DC fan is on the Opt co...

Asus h170 pro reading high temps

The other day I was checking temps when Corsair link showed my motherboard temps to be 118c. *I tried 4 other programs with all the same readings. Hwinfo, speccy, cpu-z and Corsair link. When I look in bios it shows 31c on cpu and 34c on motherboard ...

bcasio by Level 7
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Asus rog strix x470 bios update

Hi guys,New forum user here. I've lurked for many years but only just really built a unit worth talking about. So I'm currently stacked up as follows. X470 strix gaming fRyzen 7 1700 (my 2700x hasn't arrived yet)Samsung Evo 960 250gb Wd 3tb mechanica...

ROG Strix X470-F voltages interchanged

Hey everyone, I have what seems to be a very weird problem... Just built a new system using a ROG Strix X470-F. Specs are:ROG Strix X470-F GamingAMD Ryzen 5 2600x16Gb G.Skill Trident-Z DDR4 RAMSapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580DeepCool Captain 240 EX RGB A...

No Sound Studio?

Apparently sonic studio is supposed to be on my ROG disk, but I can't find it anywhere. I am trying to use the Sonic Radar but it tells me to go to sound studio.

How many bugs does Skylake have?

Recently I purchased an Asus Z170-Deluxe on ebay and now I'm wondering if that was a mistake. After I bought it I found out that there is a freezing bug with Skylake:https://www.extremetech.com/computing/220953-skylake-bug-causes-intel-chips-to-freez...

Fizbin by Level 7
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Installing audio drivers

I recently got a ROG Strix H370-F and after installing the driver from the Asus website I had a ROG skinned RealTek audio manager (with a couple very useful functions I liked). I reinstalled windows 10 from scratch this morning, installe...

Asus Maximus X Hero fake boot

Hi, my motherboard () has a fake boot process when disconnected from psu and successively reconnected.Is this an expected behaviour? ( only when I'm in oc, at default no problem )ram : G skill Trident Z RGB F4-3600C16D-16GTZR thanks

Rampage III Extreme won't go past post

I have a rampage iii extreme running a i7 990x, msn 970 gtx, corsair h100igtx, 2x 8gb evga 1600, Samsung ssd, and wd blue. I just put this together a few days ago and I had trouble running it for the first time, but using the go! function on the mobo...