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Asus Rampage IV Extreme - eSATA

Hello,I am having issues with my external HDD and eSATA port.I have installed all the drivers (everything is up2date), but, as soon as i plug in eSATA port in external HDD, HDD disappear from my computer.Anybody else having the same problem?Thanks fo...

Akki by Level 7
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(help) aisuit plx temp

Excuse my English because I'm Spanish. I have a problem. The Asuit temperature bookmark me and I have received 79 to 80 ' And I understand that you use only one gpu ..Mi hard is mev 3770k 690 hydro 8 gb corsair dominatorgt

IV Gene Bios 4004 help

Im having CPU temp problems every since i've updated to 4004, can someone please post how I can downgrade the bios on a IV Gene Rampage. Will it hurt the mobo just downgrading? Thanks!

ukn69 by Level 7
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Asus Maximus V GENE beeps and shows qcode 22?

My ASUS Maximus V GENE beeps and shows qcode 22 when I try to boot it up.I only tried booting with the CPU with the integrated graphics and with 2 RAM sticks.What does qcode 22 mean and could it be a memory issue?

Maximus V Gene won't POST after CPU thermal paste replacement

hey guys,first, this is my build:Asus Maximus V GeneIntel i5 3570K with PHANTEKS PH-TC14PE2x4GB Corsair Vengeance1866 MHz CL9 (CML8GX3M2A1866C9R)Asus GTX670 DCII TOPOCZ Vertex 4 256GBOCZ Fatal1ty Professional Series - 750WNZXT Phantom 410i ran my sys...

uniqueID by Level 7
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Debug code AO

Just installed Windows 8. Seems to be working OK. Debug code is AO. Is that correct??

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Need Memory Timings for System Memory

I just got this memory: AMD Radeon 2133Mhz 16Gb Quad Channel memory kit. Have e-mailed the proper AMD support e-mail that is on their site. However I have no idea how long it will take and wonder if some of you others out their already have this boar...

NickT by Level 9
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Does Maximus VI Extreme have SupremeFX?

I've noticed that the other ROG Maximus VI boards list SupremeFX but the Maximux VI Extreme doesn't have that listed.Is SupremeFX actually present on the Maximus VI Extreme?

PALADiN by Level 7
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No power to mobo vi hero

Hi Am hoping some one here can advise on a problem with a new build based on a maximus via hero.All new parts apart from existing gtx 680 and data drivedPSU ocz 1000 watt modularI7 4770k2x 8GB Vulcan ddr3 2133Vi hero mono2x gtx 680 sliCorsair 80i wat...

antonyg by Level 7
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