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Strange Memory Failure extreme iv

Hallo, Im expiriencing very strange memory behavior. I get Bsod's randomly always pointing towords bad memory.The problem is when i test my ram it shows ok. 4 passes.After long periods of testing every adress in memtest is an error resulting in many ...

kocy33 by Level 7
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Maximus VI Hero AI Suite III Issue + Supreme FX Issue

I can't get AI Suite III to work, simply. At start up I can see that it tries to start but force closes about 10 times before it gives up and give me a window's error. The rest of the system is fine, just can't run AI Suite III. I was hoping that a n...

WeaponX by Level 7
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Give us an option to turn HPET off on RAMPAGE 3 mobo

On rampage 3 mb HPET (high precision event timer) is forced on.Other motherboards on x58 chipset do offer an option to disable it and rampage 3 doesn't. ASUS should release a new bios for rampage 3, giving us the option to disable HPET because it ca...

i got a 66 q code

Ok I have a crosshair v formula-z mobo with 32 gigs of ram running the 8350 dual 7850`s in crossover powered by a evga 1500w supernova. Just did a fresh install did all my up dates and know I get q code 66. What should I do.

Need help with my FX8120

Hello.Been a while since i have posted here, been having alot of problems with my computer and my online retailer.The components are about a year old and had problems from the start.Had freeze, lock-ups and AMD 6870 driver restored and artifacts.Well...

Nepty by Level 9
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[Help needed] Maximus VI Extreme - PLX temprature

Hello,I built a new system just a few days ago. Asus Maximus VI Extreme with i7 4770k. The system is running great with temepratures on GPU and Motherboard showing 38 and 32 degrees celsius. The PLX temperature however rises to around 60 degrees with...