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X470 Strix not detect the headphones/mic

Evening everyone, I hope you can give me some advice ..I just got these Thermaltake headphones, which should be plug and play without drivers .. the point that if I try to connect them both on the mobo and from the front panel of the case not detecte...

STRIX X470-F: 2700x stock temp and voltage questions

Good evening all,Could Ya'll help me out here: I finally upgraded from my much aged 2600k (OC 4.6GHZ for years) to the 2700x on ROG STRIX X470-F. I find the stock voltages and temps out of control. I have the latest 4024 BIOS, with a H60i push/ pu...

sts90 by Level 7
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B350-F and 960EVO not getting full speed

As mentioned in mobo description there is NVME 3.0x4 that should allow me to get max speeds of this m.2 drive, however I only get ~2900 read, write is fine ~1500, but why not max read which is 3500? I use latest Samsung driver also installed Samsung ...

Asus TUF Z390 pro gaming boot issue

i have a problem Asus Tuf z390, intel i7 8700k and watercooler corsair h80i v2.when turn on, the system off for seconds and the turn on again normal.https://youtu.be/I_DBodQ2KO8the system off right when yellow light (dram) check --but, tridentz rgb w...

X470-F - weird problems during ram load!?!

Hey X470-F owners,after getting some problems with my new rig i was made a few weird observations. my englisch is not the best so i made some videos to show you my issues:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zdwfbEM0Uk&feature=youtu.be(you can see that p...

6kbyte by Level 7
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Weird Issue

New build (about a month ago).If PC is at idle for more than 12 hours, I wake up/come home to my PC sitting at the BIOS screen. I can play every game on Ultra settings for hours without any issues, but if i leave the machine on for hours (sometimes ...