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Z87-Deluxe BSOD after BIOS update.

Greetings all! Just built my new rig (kept some old parts), here are specs:i7 4770kZ87 Deluxe16gb Crucial Ballistix Elite (8gb x 2) 1866 cl9 1.5vEvga 9800gtxCorsair VX550 PSU2 x 36gb WD raptor HD in raid-01 x 750gb WD HDSamsung DVD driveSo I installe...

powruser by Level 7
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Maximus VI gene A1 and A1 mamory slots stoped working

Hello!just few days ago bought MVI Gene and i5 4670K. So i build it all to my new rig and everything was working till next morning. After i started my system i got q-code 55. Manual said it's memory so started to play with it and found that my A memo...

NCTx85 by Level 7
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Image not displaying

This is my first build. I have a rampage iv formula, intel 3820, GeiL Evo Veloce 16 Gb kit (2133Mhz), evga gtx 770 SC and OCZ ZX Series 12500 W power supply. When booting for the first time everything turned on and the fans were all running except no...

Crosshair VI Formula/Gene - only theory or fans want it

Hi ROGs, Im figting few years for mATX ROG board for AMD fans. We know, there is no one good mATX board AM3+, only lowends. I think, some small performance AM3+ board could be very popular. Specially ROG in price relation around 170 dollars (with VAT...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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Maximus V Extreme BIOS 1802.

Hey guys,Any idea what the new 1802 BIOS does? http://support.asus.com/Download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=MAXIMUS+V+EXTREME&p=1&s=39It just says "Optimize BIOS configuration" in the description. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.Leon

Maximus VI Extreme VT-D support

Hi guys,Just wanted to know if anyone here knows whether the Maximus VI Extreme supports Intel virtualisation (VT-D)? I'm thinking of getting one, just want to make sure, I need this feature for work.Thanks!

echineko by Level 7
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802.11ac + Bluetooth MPCIE Module

Could anybody tell me what the 802.11ac + BT mPCIe card is that comes bundled inside the Maximus VI Extreme's mPCIe Combo ii? I'm bout to order a VI GENE and I would very much like to take advantage of all the new WIFI options. I'm waiting to order m...

Strange Memory Failure extreme iv

Hallo, Im expiriencing very strange memory behavior. I get Bsod's randomly always pointing towords bad memory.The problem is when i test my ram it shows ok. 4 passes.After long periods of testing every adress in memtest is an error resulting in many ...

kocy33 by Level 7
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