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Asus Gene V HDD Whea Reset error?

Hey guys, I have a Gene V and I am using a single HDD in ACHI mode, however in the windows even log I see this pop up every now and then Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort1, was issued. Event ID 129I tried changing power options to high powe and that...

Haswell SSD Support

Hello!Do haswell support all kind of ssd's? I have a Kingston SSDnow 120gb. Does anyone know if haswell supports this one?Thanks!

MAXIMUS VI EXTREME - MEMORY (what memory to choose?)

Hello!I want to buy some memory for my M6E, but i am a little afraid of compatibility issues.What i have set my mind on is to have 32gb (4x8gb) from start or start with 16gb (2x8gb) and add 16gb later on (of same make and model of course).I have my e...

CrisitQ by Level 7
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I have recently installed two gigabyte 780 oc windforce 3x on this board on the recommended slot 1 and slot 3 for x8/x8 speed as suggested by the manual. However, GPU-Z and Bios(1802) only see the first card running at x4 while the second card is run...

CYTCYT by Level 7
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post state led..cpu led is on...crosshair4

pulled old graphic cards and upgraded to new hd7850. systen was working fine. now after replacing cards, lights come on, cpu led is on in the post state section of board. reseated mem, cpu, graphic cards, no boot. put old cards back in, same problem....

marcus1 by Level 7
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Disable front audio detection

HiI've been looking through the hd audio panel and I can't seem to find the option to disable front audio detection.I'm trying to have my audio play through both the front and rear jacks simultaniously but I can't find it with this new motherboard.Co...

Maximus V Gene - BSOD with Turbo Mode ON

Yesterday I just bought a whole new rig, Intel i5 3570k, Asus Maximus V Gene, Corsair Vengeance DDR1600 (2X4G), Msi GTX 560 Ti, Intel 520 SSD, PSU 650W.I didn't touch on the BIOS setup, it's totally all by default. I always encounter BSOD just a few ...

HERO z87 AI Suit 3

Hi all,I was wondering if the Hero board supports everything on AI suit 3? Does it support 4 way optimization with TPU? If not do any ROG boards? What boards do support this?Thanks!