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Please help me with my voltage on my R!VE & 3930k

Ok, so I figured my temps were too high as I had left everything stock on my R!VE & 3930k crossing 70c on prime running stock speeds with my h100i, seemed fishy to me and others awell as it seemed a bit high for a water cooling system.So I took the a...

Asus ROG Maximus V FORMULA Help

Hi last sunday i installed my new MB and CPU and are having some weird problems. my pc shut down random and then boots up with some anti-surge warrning. i cant seem to find out what cause this. my PSU is a corsair ax 1200W about half a year old.i won...

C-States Squealing Sound

Hello,I am having an issue with my motherboard (Rampage IV Extreme) in regards to C-States and an annoying high pitched sound coming from around the CPU area.First of all, with Optimized Defaults loaded and nothing changed, the C-States seem to be di...

alyupb by Level 9
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my FORMULA V Z dosn´t beep wen i turn on

hello guys, first of all sorry for my english. i´m from Argentina.when I turn on my computer does not beep ( the sound of the speeker ), but if I disconnect and reconnect the pc on that occasion does the beep correctly.can you help?my pc: Asus formul...

error a2/ae!!

Ok i think i am going to go INSANE from these errors!Just spent about 1400 bucks on building a pc from nothing. I got the z87 as my motherboard. I got a n i7 4770k and a gtx 770.along with a new 2tb hd and new dvd drive. so i put it all together and ...

help me move from fixed to offset over clock

i know my 3770k on my formula v is stable at a fixed 1.25v for a 4.8 oc. i would like to moved to offset volatge now. to get cpuz to read 1.25v i have to use a +.13 volatge increase. first off is this correct? it turns red on me in the bios so i wa...

jsarver by Level 11
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Hero Motherboard Q-Code 40?

Hi,Just wondering why my build is showing Q-Code 40? It's been like this for maybe 20 minutes or so. I'm running the following build with Windows 8 64-BitASUS Maximus VI Heroi7-4770kGTX 69016GB 2133mhz Corsair Vengeance Pro -- Set to 2133mhz in BIOS....

JBeattie by Level 7
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Chipset drivers

I have the MVF and a 3770K, I am wanting to download the latest intel chipset drivers to remove the exclamation mark for the SM Bus controller and USB controller. The latest on the intel page is but on the Asus website it is still showing ...

Preacher by Level 10
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