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Bad RMA experience

Level 7
Hi All,

I have a bad RMA experience to recount, just wanted to see how others experiences were. I have a Sabertooth P67 that has a couple of faulty USB ports. I called customer service and they approved an RMA process.

When I got my (refurbished) board, the plastic cover that protects the CPU pins was covered in thermal paste, and the board was dirty/dusty and generally looking worse for wear.

I took some photos of the situation - I'll attempt to attach them.


I'm a bit disappointed to say the least. I built a nice clean system, all black sheathed wiring, crossfire ROG Matrix 5870's and I just want my motherboard to function 🙂

Level 7
@xeromist. I don't want to start a flame war but you sound like you work for the company. I can fully accept receiving a board with scratches, dents etc. But goop in the pins? Absolutely not. The board should be functioning and installable out of the box. ericsthename didn't receive a refurbished board. He received a used board. It probably wasn't even tested because no one at Asus would install a chip in that socket. ericsthename shouldn't have to either.

you should try some oil . here it is called degryp'oil . the oil is the best for Dismantle , you should had used it when a key can not open a door


with an hair dryer that should do it

of course i would ask for a rma first

3390133902same thing happend to me sent my perfectly clean mobo in and got back one that was the dirtiest mobo i had ever seen,its was scratches on it,dog hair, and some kind of gunky foreign matter around the cpu. ASUS rma department is terrible worst i've ever came across,hell my mobo only lasted 40 day mind you,still in the process of my second rma with them over this, doubt i will ever purchase ASUS product again after this incident.But hopefully they surprise me "doubtful" and remedy the situation.I mean come on dog hair really wtf, nicked corners 338983389933900

Level 13
Derick drop Cl-jolene@ASUS.COM an email with your RMA number attached and ask her to look into this case for you.

Thanks but they finally have got me taken care,hopefully they send me a decent motherboard or even better a new one doubtful though guess i will see in a few days. I have did some research on this matter and its actually a company out of Indiana called pegatroncorp who is sending out all these terrible looking motherboards,They subcontract for ASUS i guess, hopefully ASUS will address this problem sooner or later.

Level 7
Also thanks for the help Raja

Level 7
wow all i have to say today i call to see what the status update is,after i sent out the defective refurbished board the one i had taken the pictures of and wow....all i can say,they tell me i sent a different board then the one i had taken the pictures of unbelievable this is the worst rma experience i have ever had.really cant believe that this has happened my advice never buy an "ASUS PRODUCT AFTER TODAY"...supposedly a cooperate office is calling me today.Really never in my life have i been so let down and upset over a product. "WOW" is all i can say unbelievable definitely the worst experience i have ever encountered with a company. So if anyone has any advice on this situation i"m definitely open to suggestions.