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B6 Q-code after W11 update on Maximus Hero XI

Level 7
Hoping someone here can assist…

I ran the W11 update and it was fine until I rebooted, my motherboard now just displays a B6 error code on booting.
I’ve removed the CMOS battery for a few minutes (twice) but it always fails to boot and still shows a B6 error.

My PC was on W10 with the latest Asus BIOS
32gb*Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Black 32GB 3200 MHz DDR4 Dual Channel Memory
Nvidia 3080FE Samsung 970 m.2 drive an old Seagate and a Samsung 840

Any advice welcomed as I await an official support response.*

Spamming Del gets me int the BIOS

Level 7
I decided to wipe my OS drive and re-install W11 and so far it has survived rebooting.Â*
For me the upgrade W10 to W11 option seems to have had an issue and a clean install did not.Â*
It’d still be interesting to know what caused the B6 error on boot following the update option. Â*