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B550-I Gaming Strix only motherboard without BIOS updates

Level 7
What is going on with the B550 Strix ITX BIOS updates? It is literally the only B550 or X570 board to not yet get an updated BIOS for either the Patch C or AGESA.

There are BIOS updates out even for the 4xx series motherboards at this point and still nothing for this B550-I Strix product. It's very important for an ITX motherboard like this to have the curve optimizer for undervolting and decreasing SFF PC temps.

Level 7
I have this board and am wondering the same thing, PBO seems to be entirely broken from the bios currently and I'm using ryzen master to work around it. Enabling it in the bios makes EDC read 0 and disables PBO in Windows. Really needs an update with the new agesa and curve optimising features.

With the currently available BIOS, I've found you get the best results letting the CPU settings alone, minus a little undervolt on the Vsoc to save a tiny bit of wattage. Nothing close to the savings we would see from having curve optimizer and PBO2 available.

I have to agree. As an I-Gaming X570 owner, I am also a little surprised these boards have been left out, especially when this new AGESA version is needed for PBO2 support with chips such as the 5900 and 5950X. In fact I am upgrading to an 5950X shortly, and I will be leaving a lot on the table without this feature.

Can somebody file a support ticket to ASUS regarding B550-I not getting newer BIOS update and push them? Thanks.

I already have 2 support tickets with them regarding B550-I and don't want to reach out to them anymore. I absolutely had it already with NVMe wake up issues, I225 NIC packet lost, and software issues with B550-I, ASUS is absolutely trash and I should have known it better. I'm currently getting aquamated with Apple Mac mini M1, my first apple machine ever. Ryzen 5000 series was very exciting to me but ASUS ruined the whole experience. So ASUS middle finger to you and go *** yourself and this $230 overpriced piece of sh*t motherboard.

I put in a detailed ticket and all the rep did was respond with a link to the board page.

I got a response from Asus. The updated AGESA version is coming at some point in December, so hopefully we don't have too long to wait.

I feel like that is just the generic answer as to when the AGESA update is out, but not any sort of commitment to updating the B550 ITX BIOS. This board seems to be simply missing from the list of boards to support and someone needs to explicitly add it back in.

I just requested an update on their twitter account. They appear to be more active there.

They responded without understanding the question so I tacked on with a clarification.