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B550-E not booting after cold boot (turning PSU off then on)

Level 7

here is my setup:

Asus Strix B550-E received and builkt yesterday with Bios 1004
Ryzen 7 3700x
32Gb (2x16) GSkill trident Z 3600mhz Cl16-19-19-39 ( default xmp)
2 ssds + 1ssd nvme
GTX 1070

The problem only occurs when i switch the PSU off and then back on ( power cycle) and then turn on the PC.

If the PSU was NOT turned off from the previous PC shut down... then the PC will boot and the XMP profile will work flawlessly

If the PSU was turned off and then back on again the pc will light up but i will get error code "0d" and ram debug led ON.

The only way to boot is if i clear CMOS or short the reset pins. The problem will not occur if i dont load the XMP profile. The Ram i am using is QVL on the Asus motherboard website.

So i tried with my old Ram ( gskill ripjaws 16Gb(2x8) 3200mhz cl16-18-18-38... and i got the same problem... so the new ram is defintiely not defective....

i am running out of ideas. i usually turn off the PSU when i leave home for couple of days.... so it will be annoying to reset the bios every time.


Level 7
Do not use DCOP or XMP, but 1usmus DRAM Calculator and I am most sure your problems will end.
I would also disable ERP.