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b460i strix bluescreens with stock BIOS settings and i3 10100? Help plz..

Level 7
Im near about to pull my hair out with this motherboard, everything was built fine, bios is stock settings *not latest version* but the latest version only includes some peformance thing, all proper updated drivers installed, and for some reason i keep getting wecha uncorrectable error randomly i have tried so many things..the error was happening more when i realized that the ram kit i got was not on the offical list and its 3200mhz but i downclocked it to 2133 for now and it seems to run fine but can this be causing the problem? By not having an offical ram set in here even if clocked down? I didnt even realize till after i got the kit that intel was limiting the speeds of the b460i chipset to 2666 with i3...which is crap. I just want this pc to run fine..The cpu is a i3 10100 so its not even overclocked and i have no idea whats causing the bsod x.x

Level 7
I had same problem. Returned motherboard and got new one and problem was solved