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B360G gaming coil whine

Level 7

i have a problem. I started noticing that my PC was making this high pitched sound when moving my mouse around. I started investigating and found out that the CPU vrms are making this sound. When i disable the c-states in BIOS the problem is less noticeable. I tried a different PSU stil no luck. Is there anything i can do i tried to RMA the motherboard but my seller wont acknowledge this as a "serious" problem. Oh and my CPU is i5-9500.

Thank you for answering in advance.

***Moved from service inquries. MUST have existing RMA to post there***

Hi Bostjan,

Coil whine is not typically considered a defect by manufacturers, whether that be motherboard or GPU. It's just the nature of hardware. It's likely that any unit of that model will behave the same way in the same environment. I don't work for ASUS but I don't think coil whine is a valid reason. I doubt an RMA would help anyway because that would replace it with the same thing.

If it's related to a USB device I would try a different USB port. If you already tried a different _model_ of PSU then it's too bad that didn't work. That would have been my first suggestion.
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