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B360 i STRIX and 970 evo 250

Level 7
my ssd is not recognize by the mobo, i already tried to update to the latest bios available on (0803) but it didn't works

i also tried the 2 m.2 ports (2.1/2.2) but nothing, by the bye i don't see anything related in my bios about the 2.2 port, there are lines about m2.1 which said nothing is connected but nothing for m2.2 ?

if anyone has a B360 asus mobo family and 970 evo 250/500/1to can you tell me if it's working for you, because i'm not completely sure it's an incompatibility issue cause when i screwing it to the mobo i very slightly scrape the ssd, i don't think it's that because it's very very minor (must use magnifying glass to see well) but at the same time it's my first ssd m.2 and the format seems very fragile

Level 7

although its never appeared anywhere in the bios, i tried a windows install and windows detect it

now i have a sound problem but it's another story