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B350-F Gaming BIOS OC Problem

Level 7
Hi guys,
I have the following problem: OC via Ryzen Master Application works fine.
But I need to use the BIOS for OC. But if I change anything in the BIOS, my Frequency is stuck at 1.37GHz.
I have the newest BIOS installed. CPU is a R5 1600.
The latest BIOS Update is about 4 months old, so i don't think, there is a fix coming anytime soon.
Do you guys know a solution for this problem?

Level 7
I have the same mobo and the same issue, what I found works is to set manual voltage and put a minus offset value in the lowest you can go is 0.00625. This works ok for me but I'm only running at 3600MHz, obviously this won't be any good for higher overclocks but it works for me.
You could also flash back to an earlier bios, here's a link to how:
I've tried it and it works the right bios to use is 3401 this will work the only downside is your cpu won't down clock at idle for that you could use Asus Zen States. Alternatively wait for the next bios update and fingers crossed they've fixed this iussue.