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B2 Error on Maximus Extreme VI

Level 7
Hi guys

I am wondering if I can get some tips from around here.

I have a Maximus Extreme VI with:
Core i7 4770K overclocked at 3.9 GHz at the moment but the problem also happens at 3.5 GHz
32 GB (4x8GB) Corsair Dominator Platinium Pro RAM using factory defined timings and running as DDR3-2100
Asus GFX Titan
Asus Phoebus
LSI MegaRAID 9271-4i with 4xSamsung 840 Pro SSD disks attached
2xWD Black 4Tb harddisks
Seasonic 1000W Platinum PSU

I built it and had some issues due to the known XMP problem of the Corsair RAM. I looked it up here and set the timings manually. Then I updated from the BIOS that came with the board to 0711 (latest on Asus public site) and since then I have gotten pretty regularly that the boot up gets stuck with q code: B2 on the LED. If I reset the system a random number of times it finally boots shows the WebBIOS of the RAID card and continues through the BIOS to boot into Windows and runs like a dream.

Now I am worried about the B2 thing. It is an issue and I don't want any issues since I want this to be a 24/7 oc'ed PC not some experimental hot bed. So is there something I can do that doesn't involve me giving up and having to buy a non-Asus board (a friend of mine has the same basic components sans the LSI and SSD stuff on a Gigabyte Sniper G5 with absolutely no issues) or reducing the number of RAM which is not an option for work related reasons.

it sounds like stalling at the plugin device stage and to narrow it down best to just have the video card in and no other devices plugged in and repeat the resets and slowly move on from there to see which device it's b2in at

I will give it a try and report back my findings

Level 40
Could you list all the hardware you have connected to your motherboard, include the USB devices.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

I tested and the B2 error goes away if I disable the LSI MegaRAID card. It has the latest LSI firmware. I have it configured to boot with CSM enabled, UEFI driver first and to load both the legacy rom and UEFI driver or I won't actually have the card available to boot from (the RAID 10 SSD disks serve as my system disk / application disk while the bigger drivers are for data). So the LSI card is the culprit or specifically the Legacy Option ROM is the problem because if I set it to boot without CSM (eventhough the LSI card should have a UEFI driver) then I have no disk drive to boot to (in fact I can't even see the options for the various boot devices in the Asus M6E BIOS).

Maybe I will remove it even though that kinda sucks having to move over to the Intel RAID stuff instead, but any suggestions that can save my setup is all too welcome.

List of USB connected items:
Logitech G710+ keyboard
Corsair M65 Mouse
And the USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports have been led out to my case which is a NZXT Phantom 820

LSI raid card in which slot? we will try to replicate

LSI card is in lowest slot: X8_4
Titan Card in X16_A2 (due to Noctua Air cooler covering A1)
Phoebus card in PCIE4_1

will try, just a shot meanwhile u can try setting under tweakers paradise, plx 0.9v set 1.0v, plx 1.8v set 2.0v see if it helps (since is the last slot off the PLX bridge)

Level 7
Hi, I tried changing the plx voltage levels and it made no difference. I have to go for today, but I have an idea about loading the option rom before the UEFI driver and seeing if that works consistently.

Level 40
Cheers mate please do keep us posted how that works out.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.